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Get a virtual Registered Office Address for your company

If you would like to protect your privacy and bolster your company’s professional image, our registered office address services provide the ideal solution.

When you incorporate a company through Companies House, you are required to supply an official registered office address for correspondence with Companies House and HMRC. This address must be displayed on all company stationary, your website and this will be published in the public register of companies.

If you are running your business from home, you might want to protect your residential address from public exposure to prevent unwanted mail or visitors. By using our offices as your registered office address, you can reclaim your privacy. Choose from a premium London W1 or a Glasgow G3 postcode address based in the heart of London and Scotland’s business capital.

As part of our registered office address services, Trust Formations will also forward all statutory company mail we receive onto an alternate address of your choosing absoloutly free.

Your Registered Office

207 Regent Street

£39.99 +vat

2 Fitzroy Place
G3 7RH

£34.99 +vat

How to order the Registered Office Address?

Buy as with the
Company Registration

Choose our Startup Platinum package or add our Registered Office service to your chosen company formation package before proceeding to checkout.

Create an online account
and import an existing company

You can create an account on our website and import your company onto our system using the company number and authentication code. You can then buy our registered office service, and Companies House will be notified of this new address on your behalf.

Within a few hours, you will receive an email confirming the launch of this service. All statutory directors’ mail will be forwarded to you immediately.

Proof of ID and address To ensure we fulfil our obligations regarding the current Anti-Money Laundering regulations and Know Your Customer requirements, we require obtaining proof of ID and proof of address from clients who purchase an address service. The required documents are detailed in the welcome email we send all address service customers.

Please note, you can also purchase this service from Trust Formations individually if your company is already trading. If you purchase this service independently, you must notify Companies House of your new registered office address.

Company Registered Office Address FAQs

What is a directors' service address?

A directors’ service address is a company director’s official correspondence address for all statutory Companies House and HMRC mail. LLP members must also submit a service address. These details must be sent to Companies House before it will approve a registration application.

Is a directors’ service address mandatory?

Yes. Companies House will reject your incorporation application unless you provide a service address for all limited company directors and/or LLP members. This address will be featured on the public register of companies after company formation.

Can I add a new address after incorporation?

Yes. If you add a new director or member after incorporating a company you must notify Companies House of that person or company’s service address. You are free to add a new service address at any point after forming a limited company.

Can I use any address as a directors’ service address?

No. All service addresses must be real locations. You cannot use a PO Box. However, you may use any full UK address as your service address. Unlike a registered office, companies are permitted to list an overseas address as their UK company’s directors’ service address.

Can I use my residential address as a service address?

Yes. You may use your own residential address as your directors’ service address for your limited company. However, that would mean that your home address will be placed on the UK’s public register of companies, allowing anyone to access your private address at any time.

Will I need to renew this service?

Yes. From the moment your directors’ service address service has been processed, you will have our permission to use our address as your service address for a period of one year. After that, you must renew this service to continue using our address.