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Company Address Guide

When you decide to form a new company through Companies House, you will be expected to provide several key addresses. Some of these addresses will be placed on the public companies register for everyone to see. Others will remain private, and will rarely be used by officials. Either way, it is your responsibility to provide all necessary details and ensure that these details are always kept up-to-date.

The following guide provides an outline of the addresses you will need to form a UK company.

Registered Office Address

When forming a company, a registered office address is the most crucial address you must include. This address is your company’s official headquarters, and so you will need to be sure that the location of your registered office sends customers the right message.

If you plan on running your business from home, or would like to keep your business address off the public record, Trust Formations can offer a registered office address service that will allow you to use our prominent location in Glasgow as your primary correspondence address. To learn more, visit our Registered Office Address page.

If you choose to use your own residential or office address, there are several points to consider:

  • Your registered office must be in your company’s jurisdiction of incorporation.
  • You cannot change the jurisdiction of your registered office.
  • It must be a physical address. You can only use a PO Box if you include the postcode.
  • It will be the official inspection location of your company’s statutory records.
  • You can only have one registered office address.
  • You do not have to work at your registered office.

Service Address

If you are a company director, LLP member of company secretary, you will be required to include a service address at the point of incorporation. This will be used as your official contact address with HMRC and Companies House, which means that important legal documents will be sent to this address on a regular basis.

Please note that this address will appear on the public register. If you would like to protect your privacy by keeping your residential address out of the public domain, you can add our directors’ service address facility onto any company formation package.

Using our prestigious Glasgow address as your service address, you will be able to safeguard your personal privacy while enhancing your professional image. As part of this service, Trust Formations will forward all directors’ statutory mail on to an alternate UK address of your choosing up to twice per week, absolutely free.

For more information on our service address facility, click here.

If you decide to include your own address as part of the company formation process, there are several key points to consider:

  • Your service address can be situated anywhere in the world.
  • It must be a physical address. You can only use a PO Box if you include the postcode.
  • This address can be the same as your registered office address.
  • You can change your service address after incorporation.
  • You don’t have to work from your service address.

Contact Address

All initial shareholders of your company will also be required to include certain contact information to Companies House at the point of incorporation. But there are less restrictions on the contact information that shareholders must submit.

Just like a company’s registered office address or directors’ service addresses, the contact addresses of shareholders are included in the UK’s public register of companies.

Points to consider include:

  • A contact address could be a residential address or commercial address.
  • It can be anywhere in the world.
  • A contact address can be the same as a registered office address.
  • Shareholders that join a company after incorporation do not need to provide Companies House with a contact address.
  • Shareholders don’t need to inform Companies House if their contact details change.

Usual Residential Address

When you decide to incorporate a new limited company or LLP, all company directors or LLP members will be required to include their usual residential address as part of your Companies House application.

These addresses will not appear on the public record, unless they are the same as your registered office address or director’s service address.

If you would like, you have the right to apply to prevent this address from being disclosed to credit agencies.

Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL)

To form a company, you are required to provide Companies House with an official registered office address. You will be expected to keep all of your company’s registers and statutory records at this address, and you may be asked to make them available for public inspection at any time. If you are unable to store records at your registered office address, or would prefer to store them elsewhere, you can include a SAIL address as part of your Companies House application.

A SAIL address enables you to store your company records at an alternate location. But there are several rules and guidelines you must follow if you would like to use a SAIL address:

  • You can only have one SAIL address.
  • It must be situated in the same jurisdiction as your company’s registered office address.
  • You must inform Companies House which statutory records are going to be held at the SAIL address.
  • Your SAIL address details will be made public.
  • You can change your SAIL address at any time, but you must inform HMRC and Companies House.

How do I change my address details?

It is fairly simple to change any of the addresses outlined above if you so choose. The key is to inform Companies House as swiftly as possible if you have, or are planning to, make any changes to your company addresses.

You must tell Companies House if you plan to change:

  • Your registered office address
  • Your service address
  • Where your company records are kept, if different from your registered address
  • Your usual residence

This can all be done online through the Companies House WebFiling tool. Please note that you may also need to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about certain changes. To learn more about the details you must pass on to HMRC, consult our guide on Registering with HMRC.

When you opt to change a company address, those changes cannot take effect until Companies House has registered your new address and sent you a message confirming that registration.

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