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Business Address Service 

If you are struggling to create a professional image for your new company, our business address service  offers the perfect solution. You will be able to widen your corporate profile, give the impression of managing a more established business and free your registered office address of extra basic admin tasks and the all unwanted mail clutter.

Purchase this service and you'll have a Prestegious London Central W1 or a Glasgow City Centre G3 address, this will then become your company’s primary correspondence address and all general business mail will be sent to us, and then we will forward it on to any address of your choosing.

Please note Royal Mail postage charges will apply and there is an addtional 15% handling fee for this service.

£99.99 +vat

Your new business / trading address

Your Company Name
207 Regent Street

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2 Fitzroy Place
G3 7RH

How do I order the Business Address Service?

Buy as with the
Company Registration

Choose our Startup Platinum package or add our Business Address Service  to your chosen company formation package before proceeding to checkout.

Create an online account
and import an existing company

You can create an account on our website and import your company onto our system using the company number and authentication code. You can then buy our Business Address Service , and Companies House will be notified of this new address on your behalf.

Within a few hours, you will receive an email confirming the launch of this service. All statutory directors’ mail will be forwarded to you immediately.

Proof of ID and address To ensure we fulfil our obligations regarding the current Anti-Money Laundering regulations and Know Your Customer requirements, we require obtaining proof of ID and proof of address from clients who purchase an address service. The required documents are detailed in the welcome email we send all address service customers.

Please note, you can also purchase this service from Trust Formations individually if your company is already trading. If you purchase this service independently, you must notify Companies House of your new registered office address.

Company Mail Forwarding Service FAQs

What is a mail forwarding service?

A Business Address Service  enables you to receive business mail sent to your business address anywhere in the world. Using our service, you will be given a special business address that is used to receive general business mail. Those items will then be automatically forwarded on to the address of your choosing.

Why would I want to use a business address service?

Your business will receive a wide range of benefits from using our mail forwarding service. Our professional business address can help you to strengthen your corporate image, minimise risk while testing a new consumer base or simply help you protect your individual privacy.

Is a mail forwarding service mandatory?

No. Purchasing a mail forwarding service is not necessary to start a company. Many business owners find this service useful because it helps bolster their company’s professional image, but a mail forwarding service is not compulsory.

Will my forwarding address be made public?

No. That is why so many business owners choose to purchase a professional mail forwarding service: it ensures their privacy is fully protected. Trust Formations will never disclose your forwarding address to anyone, and so it will not appear on the public register.

Can I use this service for statutory business mail?

No - our Business Address Service  is meant for general business mail only. Statutory communications from Companies House or HMRC do not qualify under this service. If you would like statutory mail to be sent to you, you must also purchase our registered office service.

Do I have to renew this service?

Yes - from the moment your Business Address Service  has been processed, you will be forwarded all general business mail to the address of your choosing for a period of one year. After that, you must renew this service.